Where to Donate Furniture in New York City (NYC)

If you have unwanted sofa, chair, desk, and or any other furniture at home that you want to dispose of and are looking to donate furniture in NYC, there are several options to do so. Donating can be a worthy cause as there are individuals in need including homeless women, men, children, low income families, refugees, and victims of domestic violence who can greatly benefit from your contribution. There are many charity organizations that welcome furniture donations such as J-CAP which is located in Queens, The Furniture Distribution Program, Housing Works Thrift Shops, Furnish a Furniture, Nazareth Housing, ?Institute of Jewish Humanities, and the United Jewish Council Vintage Thrift.

If you are located in Long Island and Upstate New York and would like to donate furniture, organizations that accept your donations include Volunteers of America of Western New York, Saint?s Place which accepts your furniture to help set up the apartments of refugees, Catholic Charities Housing Office, The Economic Opportunity Council, and the Big Brother Big Sisters.

Other places in NYC to donate furniture include The Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). Please call these organizations to locate the closest location to your home. You also have the option to donate through the Mayor?s Volunteer Center in NYC. This is a non-profit center that are partnered with many donation centers and can connect you with individuals in need.

Finally, The NYC Stuff Exchange website allows residents to search for locations close to their home where they can donate their used furniture. The state promotes the reduction of waste created in the city by encouraging residents to reuse and recycle materials and donate furniture in NYC.

Do locations provide furniture pickup in NYC?

Most locations will provide a furniture pickup service in NYC for free. However, you also have the option to drop off your furniture. This all depends on where you plan in NYC to donate furniture. For instance, Nazareth Housing requires a one week notice prior to the desired pick up day and only provide furniture pickup services on Fridays. It is best to call the location of your choice prior to donating.

Can I donate any furniture in NYC?

There are organizations that only accept specific furniture and others that accept a broad range of items. For instance, J-CAP provides assistance to at-risk groups and accepts bedroom furniture and air conditioners for windows. The websites of many organizations will provide a list of acceptable donations. There may be times when a certain location declines your donation due to damages or because it exceeds a certain weight. This varies from one location to another. However, most organization encourage individuals in NYC to donate furniture that are in good condition.

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