How to Donate Office Furniture

Most offices tend to transfer from one location to another, as they seem to be looking for ways to be more profitable than they already are. Therefore, once they get to transfer or even close down, they never bring with them the furniture they had in their office. As the usual practice for most offices, they donate office furniture to some institutions that they think could benefit from the kind of office furniture that they have to offer. They usually do this, as it is often a great hassle on their part to bring the heavy things, such as furniture, along with them when they relocate.

Where to donate

It is typical for the people managing these offices to wonder where to donate office furniture. When offices transfer, they either auctioned their office supplies and furniture to the public but then it would still need some other pertinent papers and permits to be done before they can have such an auction take place. It would also take up a lot of time to conduct said auction, which is why others would prefer donating their furniture and other useful office stuff to some organizations that they know could benefit from such things. The following are some of the possible places where office furniture can be donated:

  • Local schools ? local nearby schools is a great candidate to be the recipient of an office?s old furniture. Long tables for conferences could be quite useful for schools to use in their libraries, while office cabinets could be used to store important school records. Tables could then benefit most faculty members who may not have a table on their own in the faculty room.
  • Orphanage ? any of the several orphanages located nearby could be the beneficiary of your old office?s furniture. You should be aware of the fact that most orphanages are living on a thin budget and can barely afford to buy furniture that their orphanage could be in desperate need of. Thus, donating to them your office furniture could be very helpful to them.
  • Church ? you should also consider donating to your local church or chapel, who can use the office furniture you no longer need, as they often have afford time buying the necessary furniture for their own offices. Therefore, you will be helping them out by donating your office furniture to them.

How to donate

The next question that you are likely to ask is how to donate office furniture>. This could be easier if you are familiar with the standard process of donations. It could be common sense though, and it only takes a little patience and perseverance in doing so. You should decide what institution you will be donating with, contact them, and negotiate on what needs to be done.

What to negotiate

In negotiating with the kind of things that needs to be done during the donation procedure, it is very important to make sure you inquire if they are willing to assist you in office furniture pickup and what their schedule is regarding that. By doing so, you will no longer be hassled with hauling the furniture yourself to its new location. Here, you only need to call the organization and then the furniture should be picked up by them if they have their own pickup services.

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