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The United States of America (USA) has continued to grow their poverty rate, while many of us that do not fall into that category wonder, where to donate their old furniture. The good news is that there is a mutually beneficial way to donate furniture. There are several organizations that offer a furniture donations pickup. Some of these furniture pickup services are free services that are offered by non-profit organizations. Others require a payment to have someone come to your door for your donation furniture pickup. Whether you are from Chicago, Los Angeles (LA), New Jersey (NJ), New York City (NYC), Dallas, San Francisco, Jacksonville or hundreds of other cities across the United States, there are several options for your heart in donating furniture for pickup.

A furniture pickup service typically deals with a truck that comes to your front step to pick up any old furniture that you have the intention to get rid of. Although for many, we try to get rid of this as we have been able to buy a new couch or bed and need to clear the space out of our houses or apartments. When we donate furniture for pickup, the primary reason for this is not for resellers to profit off of your furniture, but the biggest organizations that provide these services are there to donate it to charity or to those that are classified in the poverty class of America.

Where to Donate Furniture

The question that this website is catered to answer is Where can I donate furniture? There are multiple organizations out there that we have researched, spoke to and divulged ourselves into. You have several options on who you can donate your furniture to. Whether you want a furniture pickup for charity or you want to just get rid of your furniture as quickly as possible, there is a place for everyone.

The best places to donate furniture include?.

Salvation Army

salvation armyThe Salvation Army offers a free pickup service for individuals who want to donate furniture to the organizations. The free pickup for donation services depend on your location. You can call 1-800-SA-TRUCK to speak with a member of the Salvation army about pick up services. Most of the donated furniture goes to their resale stores, while others will be used to furnish the Salvation Army shelters. Regardless, the Salvation Army provides tax receipts for your donation, which you can use when filing your income tax. They accept used furniture in good condition or useable condition.


goodwillGoodwill is a charitable organization that does furniture donation pickups called housecalls. For most items that are hard to transport, they provide a hand of help by coming to your doorstep to pick it up. Since they are also a charitable organization, they are able to provide tax deductions for your used furniture.

With their donations, they use it primarily to sell at their Goodwill outlet stores, where they donate a large portion of their profits to local charities. Shoppers at Goodwill tend to be those that are lower income families and are provided discounted prices as well as relief from these locations. You can contact GoodWill for more information on their webpage.

Donation Town

donation provides information on where to donate furniture nationwide. They have their own database of local charities that will pick up your used furniture for free. Their website features hundreds of charities that you can contact to donate your furniture to. Checkout their website at to schedule a pick up.

Vietnam Veterans of America

vietnam veterans of americaYou may have a particular inclination to want to donate furniture to Vietnam Veterans of America. This organization uses your donations to provide funding for their programs for veterans. They provide a free furniture donation pick up service which is great because you do not have to be physically present at home for them to pick up your used furniture. You can visit their website to contribute your furniture donation for pick up.

Other Shelters, Stores and Organizations

There are several other shelters and thrift stores where you can donate used furniture. These shelters and thrift stores do not typically offer a free pickup service for donated furniture, but do appreciate the donations. Just a few ideas as to where you can donate your furniture for charity include homeless shelters or local thrift stores.

There are also free programs that are not classified as charitable organizations where you can get donate furniture quickly and with little hassle. is a user based classifieds site that allows you to put up postings with a cost of free. Other users can look for free things on their website and if they come across your ad, they would be responsible for picking up your furniture. This site can be a great resource as sometimes it costs more to hire someone to remove your old furniture, when someone else can use it for themselves. is another similar program which allows you to share your things for free. It operates under the same concept that freecycle does and is a great service that is provided to us for free!

Furniture Pickup

Furniture pickup services are usually available for free from charitable organizations. You can use any of the above sites to find the right place to donate your furniture. If you are wondering how to donate furniture, you will have to read through the website of the organization that you want to donate your furniture to. The fastest way is to call them and they will give you a step by step procedure on how to donate used furniture.

Donate Used furniture ? What Qualifies

It is very important to know that when you donate used furniture, you cannot donate garbage! Remember, these organizations are meant to help others, not to give them junk. A general standard to qualify for a used furniture pickup service, your furniture must be in saleable condition. They generally like furniture that is in good condition and will not accept it if it is damaged. That being said, if you have holes, rats or anything that would deter you from buying your furniture yourself, call a local pick up service for the dump.

If you are unsure if the above organizations will accept your old furniture donations for a free pick up, give them a call and let them know the condition of your furniture. Remember, they have to pay for their pick up services themselves as well. There will be no use in having them pick up furniture that is tattered or completely damaged.

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