Where to Donate Furniture in Chicago

Do you have used furniture in good condition that is ready to be dumped in the trash? If so, consider the alternative of donating furniture in Chicago to a variety of organizations that will welcome your used items. Such places include The Ark, Clearbrook, Encore and More, Lamb?s Farm Thrift Shop, Goodwill Industries, Mt. Sinai Hospital Resale Shop, ORT Thrift Shop, and The Sharing Connection. Additionally, you can donate used furniture in Chicago to The Salvation Army which is located across the country, Home to Stay which provides used furniture for those who are homeless, Cathedral Shelter of Chicago, The Economy Shop, Brown Elephant Resale Shop, and Chicago Public Schools which will allow you to donate furniture to a specific school system. Donating your furniture to charitable organizations will not only benefit you in clearing your home but will be of great support to those in need.

If I want to donate furniture in Chicago, is a pickup service available?

Although most organizations will offer a free furniture pickup service in Chicago, it is best to call in and confirm the policies of each location as they will differ. Once you call, you can arrange a schedule for pickup. Some places such as The Ark require a minimum of two pieces of furniture to provide a pickup service and are limited to the northern suburbs of the city. Most places will pick up furniture from your home for free, saving you time and effort.

Are there requirements that need to be met when I donate furniture in Chicago?

Other places might not be limited to just furniture but also accept kitchen appliances, clothing, and household items. There are locations that have a specific list of acceptable furniture and will decline any donations that are exclusive to the list.

It is important to keep in mind that it is costly for charities to provide free furniture donation pickup in Chicago. They must cover costs for vehicles used for pickups and employees who are responsible for doing the heavy lifting and picking up of furniture. Without volunteers, charities must hire paid individuals to complete the task. Charities may also decline items that are damaged, dirty, and unusable. If an unusable furniture is picked up, the organization will have to take it to the dump. To save unnecessary time and effort, it is encouraged that when you donate used furniture in Chicago, it is in the best condition possible.

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