Free Furniture for you!

We’ve had an overwhelming response to those who have loved our resources to donate their furniture. There’s thousands of people searching on how and where they can donate their furniture, but there are equally the same amount of people looking for free furniture! After discussing among our team, we have decided to create a forum where we can help connect people who want to donate furniture and those who are looking for free furniture.

Where can I get free Furniture?

With today’s economy, it’s tough to purchase new furniture. Or perhaps, you’re a student looking for furniture in a new city and your budget doesn’t allow it. Although our forums are currently new and there are not many offers there, we encourage you to post a request for furniture. Hopefully, someone who is looking to donate furniture can find you and let you take some furniture that they would probably have thrown out otherwise!

Who can get Free Furniture?

Anyone can take advantage of great free furniture offers. Although different angels who will be giving you furniture may require you to pick up the furniture, there are services available that are a lot cheaper than buying brand new furniture. From the hundreds of e-mails we’ve received from different people looking to donate different pieces of furniture from couches, to beds, TVs, entertainment units and appliances, there are some great pieces of furniture in phenomenal condition!

We want to encourage families who are of low income status and students to take full advantage of this. We did not create these forums so retailers can pick up and resell furniture. We will be moderating various posts and hope that those in need will take full advantage. We understand that it can be a pain to register an account on a forum and do a proper post, but we urge you to do this as it is for the benefit of the people!

Register an account at our furniture forum and help others get some furniture that is golden to them and hopefully you will be able to get rid of some of your old furniture that you don’t want to lying around anymore.

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